An Evening of Poetry Honoring William Stafford

The Friends of William Stafford and the Lake Oswego Public Library present an evening of poetry honoring William Stafford, featuring poets Patty Wixon & Vince Wixon with Tim Barnes as emcee on … [Read more...]

Stafford Poem Inspires 15 Paintings, Bozeman, Montana

Montana artist Mary Keefer was so inspired by William Stafford's poem "Godiva County, Montana," that she found herself putting his word-pictures on canvas. Two years and fifteen paintings later, she’s … [Read more...]

William Stafford Centennial – A Poet’s Photographs – Lewis & Clark College

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of William Stafford’s birth, a selective exhibition of the Oregon poet’s archives at Lewis and Clark College’s Watzek Library is not to be missed. In addition … [Read more...]

Poetry to Art in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Eighteen artists from William Stafford's home town of Lake Oswego, Oregon honored the poet with visual art inspired by his work. His poetry is filled with images of the natural world -- flowing water, … [Read more...]

Oregon Public Broadcasting Documentary – “Discovering William Stafford”

Oregon Public Broadcasting offers a documentary honoring William Stafford as poet, lifelong pacifist, and National Book Award winner. He was a conscientious objector during WWII, and taught at Lewis … [Read more...]