Centennial Event – The Poetry Slow Down Radio Show

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January 20, 2014 - January 25, 2014
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Open to the Public: Yes
Admission: No
Event Host(s): Professor Barbara Mossberg
Featured Guest(s): See event description below

Event Site Contact Info:
Name: Sara Hughes
Phone: 831 917 7199
Email: shughes@abstracthaven.com

Hour Radio Show featuring birthday of William Stafford and Bobby Burns

Airs January 19, 2014

Broadcast live and livestreamed January 19, 2014 Noon-1 pm KRXA 540AM (California Central Coast, internet at KRXA540.com; pocast at BarbaraMossberg.com.

Podcast can be accessed at any time for free.

The Poetry Slow Down, a weekly hour topical radio program on poetry and civic consciousness with the program’s founder and host, poet and professor Barbara Mossberg–the news you need, you news you heed, the news “without which men die miserably every day” (William Carlos Williams). The show frequently discusses both Staffords. This show is a tribute to William Stafford’s life work, in the context of a shared birthday month with Bobby Burns, exploring the connections between the two poets, including a sense of oneness and compassion for the natural world and the phenomenon that both poets are celebrated by dedicated communities who sustain and develop the meaning of their life works. Will there be an equivalent to the Burns Suppers and haggis? Stay tuned!

NOTE: If you miss the live broadcasts you can hear them online at BarbaraMossberg.com.