Friends of William Stafford — Our primary mission is to provide ongoing education in literature, particularly in poetry, in a way that will encourage and enrich a broad community of readers and writers. In the spirit of William Stafford’s gifts as a teacher we are also devoted to the free expression of literature and conscience. We seek ways to share his work and advance the spirit of his teaching and literary witness. We direct our efforts toward education within local communities in order to contribute to the poet’s legacy for generations to come.

Friends of William Stafford on FacebookFriends of William Stafford on Facebook — connections and discussions hosted by the FWS on the Facebook platform.

William Stafford Archives — the hub of the collection of William Stafford writings, managed by Lewis & Clark College and William’s son, poet and professor Kim Stafford.

Stafford Reader — serves new readers and longtime scholars of Stafford, providing a central location for web content related to the poet’s life and work. View Stafford’s and Poling’s works and noted calls for submissions in various journals. Managed by writer and William Stafford enthusiast, Travis Poling.

Discovering William Stafford – Centennial documentary produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting on Mr. Stafford as a poet, lifelong pacifist, National Book Award winner, father patriarch. He was a conscientious objector during WWII, and taught at Lewis & Clark College for decades. Through archival stills, and readings by Garrison Keillor, Paulann Petersen, Kim Stafford and Stafford himself, get to know the art, life and legacy of Oregon’s beloved poet laureate on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Request at Centennial Press Kit – We can send you a press kit that has proven to be very effective when used for local media. In your email include the title of your event, the event location, your name, address, and phone number.